23rd November 2016

Since 2015 Veritas-Consulting has partnered and supported charitable organizations in Yemen to provide the country with much-needed humanitarian relief.

Our goals are many — raise awareness to Yemen’s plight, denounce war crimes, promote peace and social cohesion, help towards education, defend human rights, speak on behalf of those who have been silenced … Our task is enormous but we shall not waver in our duty.

Yemen is precious! Yemen remains the beating heart of Arabia, the very land which for thousands of years has spoken a light onto the region. With Yemen’s disappearance it is a part of all our History we are abandoning to the evil of Wahhabism.

Yemen needs all of our combined strength and generosity!

In the devastating landscape of Yemen, such NGOs as the Mona Relief Organization have been stubbornly shining a light – determined to answer the evil of war with solidarity. Backed by a dedicated team of volunteers, those NGOs are making a real difference.

But for all of our heart and dedication we continue to rely on the generosity of our donors.

Veritas-Consulting ambitions now to draw a comprehensive humanitarian map of Yemen to devise new  aid campaigns and programs to meet communities’ needs and offer people a real chance at rebuilding their lives. Distributing emergency aid is not enough.We ought to think reconstruction.

If Yemen was already the poorest, most socio-economically unstable country in the Arabian Peninsula, March 2015 War literally exploded whatever stability there was to have in Yemen.

Income per capita dropped from $2 per day to less than $1 per day. Yemen civilian infrastructures have all but collapsed under the burden of war – either through direct hits or as a result of the punishing blockade the country has found itself under.

War put it simply has generated a humanitarian crisis of biblical proportion, with famine and disease as its foot-soldiers.

Yemen’s reality today is one of suffering, hunger, despair, and death. Yemen in many ways, has become a grand moratorium, and aid will need to flow at an unparalleled pace if we are to salvage what is left of this broken nation.

Beyond the simple human cost of this war, we ought to realise that it is also Yemen’s cultural, religious and historical heritage which has been declared war to.

It is therefore important that resources are reserved for such reconstruction and preservation work.

Because aid has become an absolute necessity for 26 million people – Yemen total population, we absolutely need to approach distribution, and need assessment by first drawing an accurate humanitarian map of Yemen through data gathering, and analysis.

A more scientific approach to humanitarian aid is required if we are in fact to help towards Yemen reconstruction, while avoiding the usual pitfalls: corruption, abuses of power, tribal entanglements …

If not for your donations our humanitarian efforts would be lost. We ask for your support – Help us feed Yemen, help us bring hope back to  broken and traumatised nation.

Help #SaveALifeInYemen, join the movement against hunger!